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Yancey: The Last Deist
We need more than a just watchmaker who winds up the universe and lets it tick.

The New Age Is Over
Now that Neopaganism has replaced the New Age Movement, flaws in evangelicals' criticism are obvious.

Top Religion Stories of the Decade
As selected by CT editors and writers

Year by Year
The decade's top religion stories, according to Christianity TodayBy year: Weblog
Top stories elsewhere about Christians and Christianity

Moscow Meeting Eases Russia's Interchurch Tensions
First major interchurch meeting since 1997 religion law called 'highly important'

Help Us Develop Our Souls Mandela Tells World Religious Leaders
Former South Africa president awarded by Parliament of the World's Religions

Amassed Media: God Bless America's Candidates
What the religious and mainstream presses are saying about religion on the campaign trail and other issues

Buddhism: Spirituality Without Religion
More Christians attracted to Dalai Lama's teachings.

Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity? The Gift of Science
Science, as we think of it today, came about because Reformers believed that God revealed himself in nature.

Hypertext-Spirituality Sightings
Spirituality Sightings

Bridging Kosovo's Deep Divisions
A tiny evangelical minority has a vision for how to overcome the explosive mix of religion and nationalism.

The Book Report: Tales of a Reluctant Convert and more
Anne Lamott despised Christians but couldn't resist becoming one.

Religious Freedom: States Pass New Protections

Jonestown: Twenty Years Later, Cults Still Lethal
The horror lingers, yet the number of aberrant groups keeps growing as people seek community.

Are you tolerant? (Should you be?)
Deconstructing the gospel of tolerance.

The Fatted Faithful
Why the church may be harmful to your waistline.

Christians Killed, Churches Burn


Atheism: O'Hair's Stepchildren Regroup

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