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James Ossuary Contains Bone Fragments
says Daschle is blocking CARE Act to save Democrat sponsors from gay lobby.

John Polkinghorne
The 2002 Templeton Prize winner sees the Bible as the laboratory notebook of the Holy Spirit.

Ten Commandments Dispute Leads to Debate on Defining Religion
How evangelical is What Would Jesus Drive campaign? And other stories from online sources around the world

Subversive Literature
A report from Toronto, where scholars of religion are holding their annual meeting

In Perspective: Who Are the Raëlians?
A UFO sect that runs a space amusement park and hosts sex conferences now claims it has cloned humans. But why?

Books & Culture's Book of the Week: Encounters of the Gods
Christianity and Native American religion in early America.

Religion Matters, Says David Brooks
Martyrdom of irony, Methodists acquit bishop charged with heresy, and other stories from online sources around the world.

"Forget His Civil Rights Record, John Ashcroft (Gasp!) Prays!"
"While The Washington Post does an awkward front-page story on the Attorney General, its magazine runs a great story on Majority Whip Tom DeLay's faith. Plus: Timothy McVeigh, measuring evil, and more stories from other media."

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Three Cases on Religion in Schools
"Religious use and student-led prayer seem to be okay, but Bible reading in class isn't. What does the Supreme Court really think about public religion?"

"Fortune May Favor the Brave, but Apparently Not the Religious"
The Christian Century criticizes Henri Nouwen and The Jesus Seminar while promoting the regulation of sex.

The Talents Aren't Just a Parable Any More
Religious investing is on the rise—but so are religious investment frauds

Science and the Spiritual Quest
"A place at the table for Christians, but at a price."

HarperCollins Releases a Semi-Official C.S. Lewis Sequel—But It's Not Narnia
"Plus: Tolkien and Lewis speak to a post-9/11 world, and many other stories from media around the world."

Think Jesus Is the Only Way to Heaven? You're a Terrorist Waiting to Happen
"As church attendance slackens, columnists continue to attack exclusive fundamentalist beliefs in Christianity."

African Family Values
Harris was one of several indigenous Christian leaders who took an open approach to polygamy. They cited social conditions and biblical support.

The Christian Face of the Scientific Revolution: From the Editor - The Specter of Enmity

Upon Further Review…

The Christian Face of the Scientific Revolution: Recommended Resources

The Book of James
The famed William James drew on Edwards's psychology but not his theology.

Civil Reactions | Stephen L. Carter: And the Word Turned Secular
Christians should count the cost of the state's affirmation

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