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Rainbow Ministry: Summit Equips Leaders for Ethnic Outreach
Religious organizations targeting immigrant populations seek to make the church an embassy.

"Take Up Arms Against Missionaries, Says Hindu Leader"
"Christian Coalition lawsuit story gets even crazier, and more stories from other media sources around the Internet"

"As Faith-Based Initiative Controversy Heats Up, Evangelicals Quarrel Over Race"
"White House was displeased by DiIulio's remarks to NAE, says Bush adviser."

Catholic Clergy Concerned About Workers on Zimbabwe's White Farms
"This is no longer a free country, says Conference of Religious Superiors."

War Veterans Occupy Church on Zimbabwean White-Owned Farm
"We just want to pray and leave politics alone, says evicted pastor."

"Sarajevo Is 'Liberal, Multi-Cultural and Tolerant', Insists Peace Official"
But Roman Catholic charity says Bosnia-Herzegovina is developing into an Islamic state.

"Jews and Christians Battle It Out in Politics, Sports, Schools, and Media"
"Persecution in China, Star Wars religion, and other stories from media sources around the world."

Guilty Verdict in 1963 Church Bombing Case
"Another patron saint of the Internet, exorcising genocide, and other stories from around the world."

Leon Sullivan Dies at 78
Baptist minister led U.S. efforts to hold corporations responsible for investing in South African apartheid

Sunday Colors
Dallas churches continue to challenge the racial divide

Asian Americans: Embracing the Unwanted
Chinese American Christians are starting to become more openly prolife

France: Anti-Semitic Violence Spurs Crackdown
Attacks said to be prompted by violence in the Middle East

A Wry Debut Novel
Simmering under the story of A Place Called Wiregrass are commentaries on racism and church neglect of the poor

The Peoples are Here
Record immigration pushes Christians out of their comfort zone

Saving Black Babies
Abortion has cost 13 million African American lives.

Yugoslavia: Divided by distrust
Kosovo's evangelicals take slow steps toward ethnic reconciliation

Mormon scholar under fire
Anthropologist says Latter-day Saints' teaching wrong about Native Americans

"Jazz, Jesus, and Liberation"
"In This Far By Faith, Juan Williams argues that the spiritual journey of African Americans is essential to understanding America"

The Persistence of Indians: In Search of Native America
In search of Native America

Smoke Signals on Film
Indians in the Movies

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