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Taking Haiti Personally

The civil-rights movement as theological drama.

Amistad Gives African American Their Due

COLOR Blind?
What's wrong with the conservative line on race.

The Betrayal of Black Studies
Academic discipline and political struggle.

Bookshelf: Essential Reading on the American Dilemma

The Omni-American
Why the U.S. Constitution is like the blues, and other observations, opinions, and animadversions from Stanley Crouch.

Black and Catholic


Will El Norte Change or Be Changed?
When it comes to immigration, it's not just the economy, estupido!

The Joe Louis of the Courtroom
Once devoted to a color-blind Constitution, Thurgood Marshall could not bring himself to let that principle benefit whites.

Melting Pot Redux

In Brief

The Mormon Story

Outlawing Illegal Acts

In Brief

Abolition's Hidden History
How black argument led to white commitment.

A Korean Congregation Reaches Out

What's So New About the New Western History?

Failure and Hope
Church and state in South Africa.

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