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Revenge of the Scroll
Reading, virtual and otherwise.

Stranger in a Strange Land

The Rules Have Stayed the Same

In Brief

In Brief
Princeton in the Nation's Service: Religious Ideals and Educational Practice, 1868-1928 / Adam and Eve in Seventeenth-Century Thought

EDITORIAL: Confessions of an Editor

1996 Christianity Today Book Awards

Flash Cards from Heaven

Where Is the Christian Men's Movement Headed?

Missions' Wild Olive Branch
For 50 years, the unconventional Spiros Zodhiates has built amg into a worldwide evangelistic, relief, and publishing venture.

Episcopalians: Penthouse Expose Could Spark Church Teaching

News Briefs

First English Translation Published
First English Translation Published

Cook Purchases Scripture Press

Trinity Foundation Acquires The Door

Mass Marketing the Good News

What's Hot? Christian Fiction

Hired Pens


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