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The Mystery of Spirit Possession(Part 1)

The Mystery of Spirit Possession(Part 2)

Dark Nature
The new prophets of evolutionary psychology want to reduce us to mere survival machines.

Susan Howatch's Second Journey page 27

His Majesty's Sacred Service
Susan Howatch weaves a tangled spiritual web for her Anglican clerics.

I Cerebrate Myself
Is there a little man inside your brain?

Freud Analyzed
A conversation with Paul Vitz.

Do Parents Matter?
It's not the hand that rocks the cradle, but the one that turns the jump rope that rules the world.

Science Without Laws?

Is Science Good for the Soul?

Vegetables Don't Have a History
A conversation with historian John Lukacs.

The surprising connection between American political theory and cognitive psychology.

The 150% Person
The marginal person who learns to adjust can help heal the conflicts between races and cultures.


Books: Prayer, Prozac, and the Healing of America
Notes for a Trinitarian psychology

Also: Schools Grapple with Sharp Rise in Psychology Students

Colson: The Devil in the DNA
The strategy of evolutionary psychology is to debunk traditional morality by reducing it to genetic self-interest.

Highlights: The Unmoral Prophets

The Forgiveness Factor
Social scientists like Robert Enright are discovering the healing power of a Christian virtue.

Chronically Wounded and Needy

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