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Robots with Choice?

C. S. Lewis Among the Postmodernists
How to be a perspectivalist without losing your foundations.

Quantum Metaphysics

The Design Debate
Does "chance" rule out God? Does near-impossibility require him?

Truth Is Not Known Unless It Is Loved
How Pavel Florensky restored what Ockham stole.

Faith & Reason: Introduction

Faith & Reason: Nicholas Wolterstorff

Faith & Reason: Richard J. Bernstein

Faith & Reason: Alvin Plantinga

For God and Country, Ambivalently
American Christians and the military.

HISTORY WARS I: The History of History

Emily Dickinson's Hidden God

Let the Dead Heal Us
Recovering the pastoral motivation of classical Christian theology.

Future Perfect
A conversation with Wolfhart Pannenberg.

Danger! Christian Ethics
Religious ethics is one of the last strongholds of liberal Protestantism in the academy.

RCA Pastor Refuses to Repent

BOOKS: Our Faithless Forefathers
Yes, the Constitution is a godless document. That isn't necessarily bad news for Christians.

Does Religiosity Equal Conservatism?
Religion is often as influential on Americans' political behavior as race, age, or gender, according to a report released this summer by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

CHARLES COLSON & Nancy Pearcey: Planet of the Apes?
"Where do we come from?" is not an esoteric question relevant only to scientists.

NORTH AMERICAN SCENE: Unitarians Allow Homosexual Rite

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