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From the Archives: The Pia Desideria (Pious Desires)
The Manifesto of Pietism

From the Archives: On Christian Perfection

The Protestant Ethic of Prosperity

A New Species of Christian Song
Where did the English hymn come from?

Why Did the 1800s Explode with Missions?

William Carey's India

The Wesleys: From the Editors - Innovating with the Flow
From the Editor

Pakistani Christians Fight Against 'Apartheid' in Election System
"Under rule, citizens cannot vote for candidates outside their own religious affiliation."

The Agony of the Families
"As aid workers in Afghanistan went from defendants under draconian law to hostages in a war, their loved ones at home also underwent a trial"

Mining Controversy: Robertson Takes Flak for Gold-Mining Venture
"Freedom Gold has not yet mined much in Liberia, but it is already producing critical media attention for its founder."

Bible Translation: Revised NIV Makes Its Debut
Translators alter 7 percent of the text to update style and gender issues.

Reformed, Reforming

Breaking Down the Faith/Learning Wall
How the history of Christians in higher education has stacked the deck against Robert Sloan's new Baylor.


The Groves of Academe
A Pietist with a Ph.D.: Remembering Stanley J. Grenz

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