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It's hard to publicly represent a King who keeps his own counsel.

How to Count the Spirit-filled

Pentecostals Renounce Racism
Memphis gathering begins mending historic rift.

ARTICLE: Postcard from Peru
A surging economy and a fiery Pentecostal movement have Peruvian evangelicals rethinking the way they do business-and religion.

ARTICLE: Toronto's Mixed Blessing
Holy laughter, miraculous healings, and renewed spirits are bringing shouts of 'Revival!' How ripe are the fruits of the Airport Vineyard Church?

Black Pentecostal Leaders Off to Vatican to Learn about Christian Tradition
Weblog: Black Pentecostal Leaders Off to Vatican to Learn About Christian Tradition

T.D. Jakes Feels Your Pain
Though critics question his theology, this fiery preacher packs arenas with a message of emotional healing.

Theology: Apologetics Journal Criticizes Jakes
Christian Research Institute publication questions preacher's view of Trinity

Hillary 'Outraged' Over Mayor's Calling her Hostile Toward Religion
News stories about Christians and Christianity from the world's mainstream media sources.

Archbishop Caught in War of Words with Zambian Government
Pentecostal leader says government 'ineffective,' selfish.

Should We All Speak in Tongues?
Some say speaking in tongues is proof of 'baptism in the Holy Spirit.' Are those who haven't spoken in tongues without the Holy Spirit?—Renea Chastain, Phoenix, Arizona

Can Calling Someone a Hate Criminal Be a Hate Crime?
Plus: Canada's National Post laments anti-Christian bigotry, Catholics and Protestants unite for Ash Wednesday services, and other religion news stories.

Priest Confesses Sins of Catholics Against Pentecostals
Also: Who attends messianic congregations, Christian organizations in Israel in danger

Briefs: The World

The Invisible Seminaries
Plus: Charges of racism in church zoning denials, secularism blamed for killing 43,000 Canadians annually, and other stories about Christians and Christianity from the world's mainstream media sources.

Uganda: Under Suspicion
Following cultic deaths of 900, independent Christian groups in Uganda come under a cloud of mistrust and fear.

Will the Episcopal Church Decide Not to Decide on Gay Unions Ordinations?
Plus: Politicians around the world preach to the black church, Vatican reaffirms ban on communion for remarried Catholics, and other news stories from around the world.

Russia: Will Putin Protect Religious Liberty?
Freedoms may be in danger in the new Russia.

Canada: Pentecostal Shakes up Canadian Politics
Stockwell Day, leader of Canadian Alliance, wins House of Commons seat.

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