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Mandela's Miracle
Special Section: White/Other

The Most Dangerous Baby
How an infant in a cow shed overturns the brute force of Caesar.

Northern Ireland: Christian Peace Activists Refocus on Forgiveness

When Christians Fight Christians
"The Spirit unites, but the American church divides. A field guide for discerning how to handle Christian controversy."

When Christians Fight Christians Part 2

Colombia's Bleeding Church
Despite the murders of 120 church leaders, Christians are fighting for peace in one of the world's most violent nations.

Peacemaking at Top of Agenda of Man Likely To Be Baptist World Alliance President
Billy Jang Hwan Kim will likely become first Korean to head Baptist organization

A Crash Course in Conflict

Why Peacemakers Aren't Popular

A Crash Course in Conflict

The Quotable Stott
Reflections on the occasion of John R.W. Stott's 80th birthday.

Dirty Hands and Concrete Action
A conversation with Jean Bethke Elshtain

Why Peacemakers Aren't Popular
With so many people for peace and unity, why is it in such short supply -- especially within the church?

When things look hopeless, you can call in outside help.

ARTS: A .38-caliber Plowshare

Moral Combat: More Christians campaign against media violence
More Christians campaign against media violence.

Briefs: The World

Mexico: Healing the Violence
Presbyterians, Catholics try to reconcile as expulsions persist in Chiapas.

Gang Outreach: Pastors Work with Police to End Gun Violence

Anonymous Are the Peacemakers
For the past century, the Nobel Peace Prize has spotlighted those who work for fraternity among the nations. But strife and warfare are often thwarted by Christians working quietly and prayerfully.

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