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CHARLES COLSON & Nancy Pearcey: Planet of the Apes?
"Where do we come from?" is not an esoteric question relevant only to scientists.

Meeting Darwin's Wager (Part I)
How biochemist Michael Behe uses a mousetrap to challenge evolutionary theory.

Meeting Darwin's Wager (Part II)

Meeting Darwin's Wager (Part III)

Evolution: Debunking Darwin?
Intelligent-design' movement gathers strength.

The Bread of God's Book
Saint Bernard and Holy Scripture

How We Got Our Bible: A Gallery of Mavericks & Misfits
The key players in the history of the Bible haven't necessarily been popular—or orthodox.

Origen: Model or Heretic?
He created controversy when he tried to explain the gospel in terms his culture could grasp.

The First Bible Teachers: Did You Know?
Interesting and unusual facts about the church's first Bible interpreters

The First Bible Teachers: From The Editor - The Founding Fathers We Never Knew
Chris Armstrong

The Habits of Highly Effective Bible Readers
What we can learn from the church fathers that will enrich our own Bible study.

The First Battle For the Bible
A century after Christ's death, a literalist and a spiritualizer forced the church to choose how it would read the Scriptures it inherited from the Jews

Origen: Friend or Foe?
By turns bizarre and insightful, Origen's allegorical forays remain fascinating reading today.

Opponents of Allegory
The scholars at Antioch rejected allegory in favor of history. But their interpretive method led some into heresy.

Scripture Saturation
To achieve holiness, believed the early monks, you must soak in the moral sense of the Word.

Origen's Monastic Legacy

Anatomy of an Explosion
It's an indelible image: the white missionary venturing into deepset Africa. But the real story is what happened when African converts relayed the gospel message in their own words.

Bishop Before His Time
Samuel Ajayi Crowther's consecration as the first African Anglican bishop looked like a great leap forward for the church. But the talented ex-slave collided with the roadblock of racism

Ancient Christian Commentary on Current Events: What Is War Good For?
What early church leaders thought of Christians and the military

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