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At Play in the House of the Lord. Why worship matters

Pizza, Baptism Don't Always Mix

Directions: Did Paul Baptize for the Dead?
The most plausible interpretation is that some in Corinth were getting baptized vicariously for the dead.


Catholics Accept Protestant Baptisms

Southern Baptists: City-Focused Evangelism Launched

Directions: You Must Be Born Again—but at What Age?
In some baptistic circles, the age for baptism has steadily declined so that many churches are practicing "toddler baptism.

An Extraordinary Orthodox Christmas and Other News
Recent stories in the mainstream and religious presses about Christians and Christianity

Ideas that Work

John Wesley: From the Journal

Impatient Radicals: The Anabaptists
Some of Zwingli's closest early associates felt that he and the Zurich City Council were moving too slowly in implementing the Swiss Reformation. Their protests led to persecution.

From the Archives: The Schleitheim Confession
Translated by Miriam Usher Chrisman. Printed at Strassburg by Jacob Frölich Zentralbibliothek Zürich, Wick Collection PAS II 1/2. The broadsheet is dated in the collection as 1544.

Sticks and Stones Broke Their Bones, and Vicious Names Did Hurt Them
16th Century Responses to the Anabaptists

A Fire That Spread Anabaptist Beginnings

Anabaptism: Neither Catholic Nor Protestant
This article condensed and edited from the book by the same title. Used by permission.

The Anabaptists: A Gallery of Factions, Friends and Foes

Showing Them How to Die; Showing Them How to Live
This story of the Michael Sattler family, the Paul Glock family, and the Klaus von Grafeneck family has never been told before. On the surface, it is not a story at all but two rather isolated Anabaptist events, one in the 1520s involving Michael Sattler and one in the 1550s–70s involving Paul Glock. The courage and spirit displayed in these events, however, touched the lives of the van Grafenecks and make one historical vignette about the witness of dying and living in the spirit of Christ.

The Anabaptists: Christian History Timeline
A Quarter Century that Lit a Fire…that Spread to All the World!

From the Archives: A Winter Baptism

From the Archives: In Defense of the Baptized Churches

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