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To Verify…

Adult Converts to Catholicism Up 10 Percent
Plus: First Jesus, now Elián, complain Miami pastors; Christian comics not always funny; and other religion stories from newspapers around the world.

Catholics Protestants and Orthodox Honor 20th Century Martyrs
Plus: McDonald's targets the occult, messianic Jewish group's logo challenged in Canadian court, and The Catholic League gets mad at O'Connor memorabilia on eBay.

A Plague of Frogs
What Christian critics are saying about What Lies Beneath, Loser, the new Pokémon movie, and other films.

Will Gross-out Humor Gross a Ton at the Box Office?
Reviews of Nutty Professor II, plus What Lies Beneath, and Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

Christians Should Require Premarital Sex Says Theologian
Plus: The Salvation Army loosens up on marriage, more violence in India, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world.

No Clash of the Titans With Christian Critics
What film reviewers around the Web are saying about Remember the Titans, The Exorcist rerelease, and other cinema options. Plus: Complaints from believers in Hollywood.

Is Halloween a Witches' Brew?
Or have Christians been spooked out of celebrating a part of their rich tradition?

Wiccan Opens Dallas City Council Meeting in Prayer
Plus: Oberaammergau's other artistic attraction, and more Christian video games.

A Wicca Primer

Matters of Opinion: The Perils of Harry Potter
Literary device or not, witchcraft is real—and dangerous.

Howling Over Halloween
Plus: She's not ordained so it wasn't preaching, Chinese concubines increase, and Ebola claims more victims.

Have Mercy!
From Mercy Streets to Charlie's Angels the silver screen is full of spiritual references this week.

We May Not Know Who Is President But...
We've got info on the souls of robots, Islam's growing influence in Southeast Asia, and the popularity of pagan groups on college campuses.

Bigger Decisions in Florida
Plus: Praying for the election results, and fears in India's latest state.

Editorial: No Sympathy for the Devil
How should Christians react to all this talk about exorcism?

Let Harry Potter Conjure Up 'Gospel Magic', Says Christian Magician
Andrew Thompson and others agree that some Christians have a false understanding of what Harry Potter is about.

Bonfire of the Futilities
Nevada's Burning Man Festival: Ritual without Dogma

Meet Your Neighborhood Neopagan

The Oracle: Hey, Baby, What's Your Sign?

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