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HISTORY WARS I: If We Ever Needed The Lord Before


Darwin Comes to America

Science Without Laws?

Evolution and Ethics

Stranger in a Strange Land

The Evidence Against the New Creationism: Phillip Johnson

The Evidence Against the New Creationism: Robert Pennock

Creation by Design


In Brief
Princeton in the Nation's Service: Religious Ideals and Educational Practice, 1868-1928 / Adam and Eve in Seventeenth-Century Thought

CHARLES COLSON & Nancy Pearcey: Planet of the Apes?
"Where do we come from?" is not an esoteric question relevant only to scientists.

BOOKS: Naturalism on Trial

Standing On The Promises
Former CT editors Carl Henry and Kenneth Kantzer evaluate evangelicalism in light of its twentieth-century developments.

The Making of a Revolution
Law professor Phillip Johnson wants to overturn the scientific establishment's "creation myth."

Science with Baloney Detectors
How to discern the truth when popular advocates of competing perspectives on science indulge in a little showmanship.

Editorial: The Pope, the Press, and Evolution
When the media seized on John Paul II's statement, they not only missed his main point, they missed a wider story.

God's Green Acres
How Calvin DeWitt is helping Dunn, Wisconsin, reflect the glory of God's good creation.

Plus: Basic Buddhism
"What the Dalai Lama and his followers believe about God, Buddha, and other teachings"

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