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Female Fury Fuels Box-Office Frenzy

The Foxhole Subculture

Artificial Life

The Ultimate Lawyer Joke

Amnesiacs Anonymous

Preacher Man
Robert Duvall's The Apostle goads not only secularists but conventional believers as well.

Amistad Gives African American Their Due


Sci-Fi's Biofascism


My Favorite Flicks
Earlier this year the American Film Institute made headlines with a list of the 100 best American films. We asked regular reviewers Roy Anker and Peter Chattaway to give us a modest counterpart: their 10 favorite films. Herewith their lists:

Prodigal Grandma

Myth America

Deliver Us from Evil
The films of Paul Schrader show that he got the most important part of his Calvinist upbringing right.

Spielberg's List
Five Holocaust survivors tell the camera the bitter truth.

Weird Sisters
Not accepting yourself is the original sin in these media tales of witchcraft.

Saigon Stories
Looking for family values? Try postwar Vietnam.

From American Graffiti to American Pie
The new "teensploitation" films.

Richard Rorty for the Silver Screen
Waking Ned Devine as apologetic for postmodernism.

The Self-Deception of Mr. Death
Errol Morris's new film peers into the mind of a Holocaust denier.

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