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The Uncensored Merton

Egypt: Church of the Martyrs
Copts thrive in the face of bloody carnage, legal restraint, anddiscrimination.

Yancey: A Cure for Spiritual Deafness
Relevance, we have surely mastered. What would happen if we sought a little irrelevance?

Women of the Early Church: A Gallery
A few of the many

From the Archives: Egeria at Thecla's Shrine
Constantine's mother, Helena, traveled to Palestine, touring biblical sites and, with her imperial wealth, establishing churches and shrines. Thereafter, it was quite fashionable for Christians to visit the Holy Land. Late in the 4th century, a nun named Egeria made the trek from western Europe and kept a diary of her travels. Not far from Tarsus, she visited the shrine of Thecla, then considered a historical figure.

A 12th Century Man for All Seasons
The Life and Thought of Bernard of CIairvaux

A Brief Chronology of the Life and Works of Bernard of Clairvaux

The Search for a Holy Life
A Brief Overview of Medieval Monasticism

540 Benedict Writes His Monastic Rule
His flexible, compassionate guidelines for Christian community forever shaped monastic life—and influenced Western society.

Terms of the Religious Life

Inside the Convent
How did convents arise? Why did so many medieval women enter them?

Martin Luther's Early Years: Did You Know?
Little-known or remarkable facts about Martin Luther's Early Years

Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation: Christian History Timeline

Destroying the Monasteries
Where was Thomas Cranmer during this unscrupulous chapter in the English Reformation?

Eastern Orthodoxy: From the Editor - Exotic Orthodoxy
Exotic Orthodoxy

The Fury of the Northmen
The Viking invasions destroyed the glory of Celtic monasticism.

Rooted in the Tradition
Celtic Christianity is not as theologically unique as many have supposed.

Ascetic Superstars
Irish monks and nuns are famous for their spiritual heroics.

Iona's Tough Dove
Though named for a gentle bird, the ascetic Columba wielded enormous influence with chieftans and kings—even after he died.

The Festive Abbess
Legendary Brigit brought joy and the burning presence of God.

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