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PHILIP YANCEY: Why I Don't Go to a Megachurch

Give Me That Auto Mall Religion

Swift Growth Shapes Potter's House
Swift Growth Shapes Potter's House

Swindoll Starts Instant Megachurch

Southern Baptists: City-Focused Evangelism Launched

Readers Reflect on Columbine H.S.

The Business of the Kingdom
Management guru Peter Drucker thinks the future of America is in the hands of churches.


Technology: Reinventing Communion Prep
How fast can you fill those little cups?


In Memoriam: Megachurch Pastor Jack Hyles Dead at 74
Fundamental Baptist congregation is one of country's largest

The Minister of 'Good Success'
Meet Kirbyjon Caldwell—megachurch pastor, real-estate whiz, community developer, and the President's spiritual confidant

Commandments Covering Commands Crowd
Incubus and Green Day play in church, and other stories from online sources around the world

Easter Recast: 97 Percent Chance Jesus Rose from the Dead
The church as minipolis, and other stories from online sources around the world

Big Church Revival
Christian gyms and shopping malls may be new, but full-service megachurches are positively medieval

Three Pakistani Christians Killed After Hospital's Chapel Service
Woman whose boyfriend sued to stop abortion miscarries, the Costco church wins a battle, and many other stories from sources around the world

Can Megachurches Do Anything They Want?
Anglican bishops reportedly all shook up over priest who imitates Elvis.

Forget Televangelists ; How About Going to Church to Watch TV?
"People who pray too much, and television networks losing religion in the U.S. and abroad."

Bill Hybels and fourth-century preaching star John Chrysostom would have a lot to talk about

Willow Creek Fishes In a Crowded Stream
"A pastor changes his story about his daughter's affair, and a Lewis clarification."

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