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ARTICLE: Faith Unto Death, Part 1
A meditation on the lives of contemporary martyrs.

BOOKS: Worth Mentioning

ARTICLE: Faith Unto Death, Part 2
A meditation on the lives of contemporary martyrs.

Prominent Bolivian Evangelist Murdered

SIDEBAR: Escaping Martyrdom in Saudi Arabia

Martyrdom: Another Iranian Pastor Killed

Ecuadorian Martyrs Story on Stage


How We Celebrate
How We Celebrate

Did They Have to Die?
Forty years after five missionaries lost their lives in the Ecuadorian jungle, the killers explain what really happened.

Is Persecution Good for the Church?
Sometimes it isn't.

Arts: Unreached People Group: Classical Musicians

Martyrs Carved in Stone

Update: Cassie Said Yes, They Say No
"They can throw this all around, but I was there. Reporters or investigators can't tell me how it went."—Craig Scott

Pop Culture: Elegy for a Jesus Freak
"These are the ultimate Jesus Freaks—the people who are willing to die for their faith."—Toby McKeehen of dc Talk

Marketing Martyrdom to Teens

The Fiery Rise of Hindu Fundamentalism
After a missionary and his two sons are martyred, Christians in India press for greater religious freedom.

Why I Hate The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc
Ron Maxwell, director of Gettysburg and an upcoming Joan of Arc film (tentatively titled The Virgin Warrior) lets loose on his competition.

The Messenger: A Story of Joan of Arc
Luc Besson's new film isn't nearly as good as the true story, nor is his Joan truly a messenger.

Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to Gary Bauer's workplace rules, the Inclusive Bible, and other topics

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