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ARTICLE: Faith Unto Death, Part 1
A meditation on the lives of contemporary martyrs.

BOOKS: Worth Mentioning

ARTICLE: Faith Unto Death, Part 2
A meditation on the lives of contemporary martyrs.

News Briefs

Prominent Bolivian Evangelist Murdered

SIDEBAR: Escaping Martyrdom in Saudi Arabia

Martyrdom: Another Iranian Pastor Killed

Ecuadorian Martyrs Story on Stage


How We Celebrate
How We Celebrate

Did They Have to Die?
Forty years after five missionaries lost their lives in the Ecuadorian jungle, the killers explain what really happened.

Egypt: Church of the Martyrs
Copts thrive in the face of bloody carnage, legal restraint, anddiscrimination.

Is Persecution Good for the Church?
Sometimes it isn't.

Books: A Global Scandal
Christians are being persecuted worldwide. Why is the church silent?

Two Filipino Christians Beheaded
Two Filipino Christians Beheaded

Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to Gary Bauer's workplace rules, the Inclusive Bible, and other topics

Retailers Marketing Martyrdom to Teens
Littleton Massacre Now Merchandise Opportunity

John Wycliffe: A Gallery of Wycliffe's Defenders, Friends and Foes

Telling Tales to Tell the Truth

From the Martyr's Mirror
The Story of Hans Bret, Died January 1577

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