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Ordinary People, Extraordinary Times
The moral complexity of the American Revolution.

Books:Betraying the Reformation?
Two responses to R. C. Sproul's critical assessment of the ecumenical document "Evangelicals and Catholics Together."

Evangelicals and Catholics Together: A New Initiative
"The Gift of Salvation" A remarkable statement on what we mean by the gospel.

Lutherans: Role of Bishops Stalls Lutheran-Anglican Unity

Theology: Does The Gift of Salvation Sell Out the Reformation?

Books: There's More to Church than Proclamation
Wolfhart Pannenberg's sacramental theology.

Lutherans, Catholics Step Closer
Lutherans, Catholics Step Closer

Paid in Full
The sacrifice of Calvary was not a part payment; it was a complete and perfect payment.

Germany: Protestant Theologians Object to Lutheran-Catholic Accord

Dialogue: Conversation or Competition?
Pentecostals, Roman Catholics in long-standing talks to resolve conflicts, discover some commonalities.

Pope and LWF President Praise Agreement Between Catholics and Lutherans
Work toward Eucharistic sharing next, say leaders


Ellen Charry: Reclaiming spiritual nurture.

Are We Speaking the Same Language?
What Catholics really believe about justification—and why defining our terms makes all the difference.

Justified By Works
Yes, we are justified by works. But it's whose works that's important.

Lutheran-Catholic Declaration Better Way of Dialogue says Vatican
But senior ecumenism official plays down hope for extension of document itself.

Letters to the Editor
Readers respond to the Cassie controversy, gays in the Boy Scouts, and the Lutheran-Catholic Justification Declaration.

Vatican Amends Indulgences Doctrine
Vatican Amends Indulgences Doctrine

Lutherans and Catholics Sign Declaration on Justification

Taming the Reformation
What the Lutheran-Catholic Justification Declaration really accomplished—and what it did not.

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