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Grinnin’ Down Bears

Can Justice Be Unfair?

Camus the Stranger

Scalia v. Judicial Activism


Those Madcap Menendez Boys

EDITORIAL: Abusing Human Rights

A Matter of Life and Death

EDITORIAL: A Barely Tolerable Punishment
he death penalty is nothing to exult in.

Putting the Poor on the National Agenda
Ron Sider's timely proposals

Editorial:God Ble$$ America
he rising economic tide floats all yachts. How should Christians help everyone else?

Debt Cancellation a Question of 'Justice' Kenya's Anglican Archbishop Tells Japan
Tokyo skeptical toward Jubilee 2000 message

God's Crime Bill
The church has a ministry to victims—and their offenders.

Was Slavery God's Will?
Some Christian writers have said slavery in America was divinely sanctioned because it helped bring Africans to Christ. Is this true?

Dinosaur's Morally Grounded 80 Minutes of Distraction
What Christian critics are saying about Gladiator, Battlefield Earth, and other current films.

Arrests Put Tragic Church Bombing of 1963 Back in the Headlines
Suspects maintain innocence in murder of four girls in Birmingham, Alabama blast.

Greece's Churches Divided Over Identity Card Data
Protestants cheer government plans to remove religious identification

Beneath the Orange and Green
A survey shows Northern Ireland's hope lies in its churchgoers.

Egyptian Court Convicts Christian Village of Murder
Shaiboub Arsal Given Maximum 15-Year Sentence

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