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Catholic Welcome for Israeli Decision on Controversial Mosque in Nazareth
Allowing the mosque to be built would be seen as yielding to violence, Israeli official says

Church of the Nativity Becomes Battleground
Why ransoming the Burnhams is immoral, growing interest in Jesus, and other stories from online sources around the world

In the Beginning Was the Holocaust?
Blasphemy, rage, memory, and meaning of the Shoah

'The Human Side to Armageddon'
A detailed response to accusations that Sudanese slave redemptions were faked

Who Are American Christians Siding With in the Holy Land?
Mainliners support the Palestinians, evangelicals support Israel, and churches keep burning

Praying for Peace
It's easier to fight than to pray, says Peggy Noonan, but prayer is the only answer

Evangelical Support of Israel Isn't Just About Premillennialism
Are conservative Christians upset with Bush?

Gunman Killed in Church of the Nativity Courtyard
Fourteen Christians slain in Indonesia, two Nigerian Christians escape the death penalty, and other stories from online sources around the world

Twenty-Six Palestinians Leave Bethlehem Church
Newsweek looks at Catholicism, National Day of Prayer, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Questionable Death Threats Made Against the Burnhams
Fire in the Church of the Nativity and other stories from online sources around the world

Lack of Holy Land Travel, Economic Woes Lead to Political Upheaval
Pedophilia said to be an incurable disease, the deaths of Dr. Torrey and Evelyn Johnson, and more online stories from around the world.

Parsonage Exemption Case Dimissed, But May Return
The walls come a-tumblin' down? And other stories from around the world.

Stunning New Evidence that Jesus Lived
Scholars link first-century bone box to James, brother of Jesus.

James Ossuary Owner Revealed, Under Fire from Israeli Government
Last-minute electioneering, and other stories from online sources from around the world

A Very Unmerry Christmas in Bethlehem
Two injured in British abbey attack, and more information comes to light about the Yemen missionary killings

The Evangelical View of Israel?
Evangelicals are more diverse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than we are led to believe

Israeli Officials Say James Ossuary, Joash Tablet are Fakes
Canadian government will legalize gay marriage nationwide, AMA supports human cloning, Sgt.'s Kuwait grenade attack was religiously motivated, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Ossuary Questions Remain
Israel Antiquities Authority says brother of Jesus inscription is a forgery, but supporters say its report may be flawed

Real Political Realism
Memorable Speech'

Greek Orthodox Priest Falls Victim to Middle East Conflict
Monks worry they may appear as threats to each warring side

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