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Books: Part of the Truth
Jim Bakker's memoir leaves some important questions unanswered.

Ex-Deacon Guilty in Securities Scam
California: Ex-Deacon Guilty in Securities Scam

PTL: Bakkers Write Separate Autobiographies
Jim, Tammy Faye Describe Downfall

New ERA: Bennett to Use Insanity Defense at Trial
Bennett Indicted on 82 Counts

New Era: Prudential Settles New Era Suit Investors Eye Larger Payback

New ERA: New Era's Bennett Pleads 'No Contest' to Fraud

In Brief
In Brief

Fraud: Faithful Lose Millions in Ponzi Scheme

Real Estate Investment Failure Hurts Churchgoers

Editorial: If It's Too Good to Be True ...
Those who are foolish in small things often get caught being foolish in big things.

Fraud: Greater Ministries Leaders Arrested
Accusations include fraud, money laundering.

In Brief

National Baptists' Lyons Convicted

In Brief

Redeeming Fire
The ambition and avarice of Henry Lyons could save the National Baptists

$12 Million Fraud Scheme Parallels Greater Ministries

A Gospel Gold Mine or a Sinking Pyramid?
Greater Ministries International promises eye-popping returns, but investigators suspect a Ponzi.

Finance: Greater Ministries Faces Big Penalties
Greater Ministries found in contempt of court.

In Brief

New Indictment in Fraud Case

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