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Stranger in a Strange Land

Bible Stories for Derrida's Children
Literary approaches to a sacred book.

Listening to the Community of Saints
How Protestant interpreters of the Bible are recovering the neglected riches of tradition.

The Word That Has No End
Theology and biblical studies in the life of the church.

The Gospel According to Isaiah

A Piety of the Word

BOOKS: Jesus B. C.

Books: Pastor Paul
Pastor Paul: Two new commentaries on Philippians that should be on your bookshelf.

Books: The Agnostic's Expositor

Reconstructing Jesus
The rewards of N. T. Wright's historical recovery of Jesus are great—but he raises more questions than he answers.

Directions: Did Paul Baptize for the Dead?
The most plausible interpretation is that some in Corinth were getting baptized vicariously for the dead.

Seminary Faculty Must Sign Pledge
Seminary Faculty Must Sign Pledge

Books: Augustine Who?
A window on the Greek Christian world-and a model for contemporary theology and biblical study.

Directions: Veils, Kisses, and Biblical Commands
The temptation is to appeal to "common sense" as to what is time-bound and what is not.

InPrint: How to Silence Scripture

Apocalypse Now
Revelation says more about church life today than about how the world will end.

Apocalyptic Palette

Directions: Is Revelation Prophecy or History?
Some events described in Revelation occurred contemporaneously with the prophecies themselves.

The Link: Christian History Today
Combining Christian convictions and scholarly conventions, two historians create very different blends.

Worldwide renewal: the charismatic movement

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