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Volume 54, Issue 5
May, 2010

Displaying 1 - 20 of 29 articles.

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Behind the Cover Story
The story behind the cover story.

Cover: Abuse & Deliverance
Compassion's president tells his story of abuse and deliverance as a missionary child.

A Family Affair
What would the church look like if it put we before me?

Living with HIV as a Pastor
Living with HIV as a pastor, husband, and father.

American Idols and Saints
Observers debate whether the "Christian viewer vote" has become too powerful.

The Charismatic Disappearance
The charismatic renewal has disappeared like yeast into bread dough.

Family Gets Asylum Surprise
Decision for home-schoolers pushes persecution boundaries.

Books to Note
Short reviews of recent books worth considering.

Court Says 'Under God' May Remain and Other News

Cross-Cultural Manners
Wise advice on dealing with money and relationships when working overseas.

Interview: James Davison Hunter
James Davison Hunter says our strategies to transform culture are ineffective, and the goal itself is misguided.

Behind the Global Conversation
How to read the Global Conversation upside down.

Get Thee Behind Me, Insecurity
In an interview with CT, Beth Moore tackles a menacing issue.

Last Supper Growth and More Stats
Stats on the Last Supper's growth, how much megachurches spend on short-term missions, and more.

The Impact of the Haiti Scandal
Haiti scandal overshadows bigger threat to evangelical adoption efforts.

Review: N.T. Wright's Latest
N.T. Wright says character matters, but thinks the Reformers disagreed.

Mission Fields on the Move
The massive global migration we see today presents unparalleled opportunities for ministry.

Moroccan Crackdown
Expulsion of Christians surprises missiologists.

Robert Benson on Prayer
Picks from Robert Benson, author of 'In Constant Prayer.'

The Village Green
Origins and the Scientific Community
Karl Giberson, Stephen C. Meyer, and Marcus Ross chart ways intelligent design can gain academic credibility.

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