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Volume 54, Issue 12
December, 2010

Displaying 1 - 20 of 32 articles.

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Colson on Christmas
Recalling the earth-shaking, kingdom-sized message of Christmas.

Alissa Wilkinson: Every Square Inch
The writer and editor seeks the redemption of all creation.

Christmas Carols vs. Theology
Should churches ban carols with questionable theology?

Remembering Allan Emery
Allan C. Emery exemplified a life of quiet service.

The Spiritual Disease of Our Time
Addiction is the spiritual disease of our time.

Challenging Chaplains
Australia's atheist prime minister wants chaplains in schools.

Christ Is Enough
Why this simple reminder is necessary right now. A review of Phillip Cary's 'Good News for Anxious Christians.'

God of the Multiverse
A physicist and a philosopher envision God's design in the beautiful equations of string theory.

Christmas Music Wrap-Up 2010
The season's gladdest tidings in new holiday albums.

Court Upholds Silence Mandate, Etc.
Important developments in the church and the world.

Most-Christian Cities, Etc.
Recent statistics on what pastors think of Obama, the most Christian cities, and political engagement.

Where We Stand
God's Quiet Signature
Why the rescue of the Chilean miners was a "great miracle," and what it tells us about Hanukkah.

Happiness Now!
We can grab hold of joy in this life, not just in heaven, says theologian Ellen Charry. A review of 'God and the Art of Happiness.'

Cover Story: Jesus vs. Paul
Jesus preached about the kingdom of heaven, while Paul highlighted justification by faith. What gives?

Improving Food Pantries
Food pantries feed more, waste less with client choice.

Love Language
The new Lausanne Covenant prods us to take personal inventory.

Ward's Top 5 C.S. Lewis Books
Picks from Michael Ward, author of 'Planet Narnia.'

Social Justice
No Child Left to Die
Half of all babies born with HIV die by age 2. Could we stop that by 2015?

Recent Deaths, Hirings, Etc.
Recent deaths, retirements, and other transitions in the Christian world.

Yoga, Dueling Atheists, Etc.
Machine-gun preachers, dueling atheists, the Christian yoga firestorm, and other recent remarks in the church around the world.

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