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August (Web-only)August (Web-only)

Volume 52
August (Web-only), 2008

Displaying 1 - 20 of 37 articles.

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Review: Crusade's Magdalena
Crusade's Magdalena targets women shamelessly.

Jonas Brothers
Jonas Brothers

After the Storm
A fan at a recent Atlanta concert is profoundly affected by Steven Curtis Chapman's moving testimony, sharing his grief over his daughter's tragic death.

Slideshow: Albrecht Dürer's Visual Exegesis
The Museum of Biblical Art showcases the artist's work and the apocalyptic concerns of Renaissance-era Germany.

Americans (and More Evangelicals) Want Churches out of Politics
Pew survey also raises questions about whether Democratic faith outreach is working.

Babylon A.D.

Review: Bill Bright and Campus Crusade for Christ
Bill Bright is a compelling, flawed figure in John Turner's historical analysis of postwar evangelicalism.

Comparing the Platforms: Where the Parties Stand
Where the parties stand on abortion, faith-based programs, religious liberty, and other issues.

Interview on Dobson and the God-O-Meter
Beliefnet editor Dan Gilgoff on the Religious Right's continuing role in this election.

Sam Phillips
Don't Do Anything
The latest from the artist formerly known as Leslie Phillips is a superbly crafted and hopeful response to the "chaos" in her life that just might connect with listeners also enduring grief and hardship.

Grahams Disagree On Billy: The Early Years
But his older sister says Billy: The Early Years is faithful to their father.

Hansen: Solzhenitsyn's Freedom
Solzhenitsyn's death reminds us about freedom's cost and biblical purpose.

Frozen River

Getting People Excited about John McCain
Evangelical outreach coordinator Marlys Popma had resigned from the campaign last year but quickly changed her mind.

Henry Poole Is Here

Hero Worship and The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight perpetuates America's hero confusion.

Jazz Gets the Blues
Blue Like Jazz is still headed to the big screen, but a lack of funding has postponed the project indefinitely.

News Quiz: Love and Cohabitation
Questions on American couples, why Messianic Jewish prisoners aren't served kosher, and more.

Excerpt: Open Competitors
Campus Crusade's early tensions with InterVarsity and other college ministries. An excerpt from Bill Bright and Campus Crusade for Christ.

Out of the Darkness
Filmmaker Mark Pellington overcomes personal tragedy to make movies about finding hope in the wake of hardship, including Henry Poole Is Here.

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