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Volume 49, Issue 10
October, 2005

Displaying 21 - 34 of 34 articles.

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Of Wardrobes and Potters
A story about faith and fairy tales.

Purpose Driven in Rwanda
Rick Warren's sweeping plan to defeat poverty.

Q+A: Ben Kwashi
An estimated 53,000 Christians and Muslims in Nigeria's central Plateau state have died since the current round of violence began in Jos on September 7, 2001. Benjamin Kwashi is the Anglican bishop of Jos.

Quotation Marks
Recent quotes on Pat Robertson, salesman pastors, school prayer extremists, and Intelligent Design.

Raiders of the Lost Pool
New finds bolster the historicity of John's Gospel.

Salvation sans Jesus
"The Gospel of Jesus Christ: An Evangelical Celebration" states that sincere worshipers of other religions will not be saved—does that also refer to Moses and other Old Testament faithful? —Ty Conley, Salem, Oregon

Squeezing the Reader's Heart
Ted Dekker sees himself as a reverse missionary.

Stemming the Embryonic Tide
Pro-lifers face a scientific and public relations juggernaut.

The $65,000 Question
And the answer my autistic grandson gives.

The Beginning of Education
The new Bible Literacy Project curriculum is impressive—as far as it is able to go.

The Making of the Christian
Richard J. Foster and Dallas Willard on the difference between discipleship and spiritual formation.

The Sunday After
What Gulf churches were doing on the first Lord's Day after Katrina.

Tithes That Bind
Foursquare Foundation gives grants outside its denomination.

Under Reconstruction
How Eastern Europe's evangelicals are restoring the church's vitality.

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