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"Aslan Was Cool"
So says a 10-year-old who saw the new Narnia movie last week in this roundup of moviegoer reactions to the film.

"Taken Up in Glory"
The Ascension has been forgotten in many Protestant churches, jettisoning an essential part of the Christian story.

$10 Osteen Tickets Going for $100+
Plus: Evangelicals in Morocco, doubts on Uganda's AIDS numbers, Doug Wead hands over Bush tapes, and other stories from online sources around the world.

Neal Morse
Morse, Neal

Christianity Today News Briefs
The latest on evolution in school, persecution, and other stories.

Christianity Today News Briefs
PCUSA and same-sex marriage, persecution, and closing William Tyndale College

Christianity Today News Briefs
Recent developments at Christian organizations.

Christianity Today News Briefs
Saudi Arabia releases arrested Christians, Canadian college disallows criticism of homosexuality.

Christianity Today News Briefs
Religious freedom in Vietnam and China, Messianic Jews in Israel, and Millard Fuller.

Christianity Today News Briefs
Christians murdered in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and Oregon's supreme court overturns same-sex marriages.

Christianity Today News Briefs
Iraqi churches under fire, appealing Oregon's assisted-suicide law, and Rwanda's theological school.

Christianity Today News Briefs
Alaska Christian College defunded, churches to receive federal Katrina aid, persecution in India, church wins suit against Colorado DOT.

Christianity Today News Briefs
Saving Darfur, suing against emergency contraceptives, allowing Muslims in Sunday school, and vetoing gay marriage.

Christianity Today News Briefs
Recent developments in Christian education, American Orthodox, and ministry in Iraq and Zimbabwe.

Hotel Sudan Isn't a Film—Yet
Genocide in Darfur must be stopped.

Time's 'Most Influential Evangelicals'
The faces of the movement include Catholics, a Pentecostal who questions Trinitarianism, and a "new kind of Christian." Are we really that broad?

2005 Christianity Today Book Awards
From more than 300 nominations, these books represent the year's best.

2005 Readers' Choice Christian Music Awards
Camp, St. James repeat at the top, while Skillet, Apologetix, and The Afters jump into the mix

70 Truckloads of Treasures
Temple Mount dig uncovers new finds.

9.5 Theses on Worship
A disputation on the role of music.

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