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Volume 48, Issue 10
October, 2004

Displaying 1 - 20 of 46 articles.

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Christianity Today News Briefs
World Relief to fight human trafficking, homeschooling declared illegal in Germany, and Sri Lanka's anti-conversion bill blocked.

A Heartless Homeland
Why more North Koreans than ever are fleeing their country.

A Stopped Pulse
Financial woes kill once-influential missions newsletter.

Blogging for Jesus A virtual goes to print.

Building Alliances to Save Lives
Why evangelicals' partnership with others to fight persecution worked—and where the coalition is heading.

California's Prop. 71 Stem-Cell 'Scam'
Supporters of cloning embryos for research have $11 million to convince state voters.

Changed by the Unchanging
A new take on the spiritual disciplines calls for a little more action and a lot more love.

Charley's No Angel
Some Christian organizations see total loss after August hurricane.

Church Militant
'Mayday for Marriage' rally organizer says stakes are high.

Fighting Flight
Christians call for commitment in wake of church bombings.

From Sex Pistols to Shadowmancer
Vicar turned fantasy author took a bumpy road to the top.

Go Figure
Recent stats on fewer Protestants, female administrators, and religious book sales.

Good Shooters
Christian photojournalists are teaching the church to communicate through pictures.

Greg Schneider: God's Personal PR Firm
Part 4 of 5 in our series on Christian photojournalists.

Heat Stroke
The climate for addressing global warming is improving.

It's Not About Stem Cells
Why we must clarify the debate over harvesting embryos.

Joanna Pinneo: Intimate Storyteller
Part 1 of 5 in our series on Christian photojournalists.

John H. White: Mercy Over Justice
Part 5 of 5 in our series on Christian photojournalists.

John Kerry's Open Mind
The candidate has roots in liberal Catholicism, establishment Protestantism, and secular idealism.

Jon Warren: Eyewitness to Suffering
Part 2 of 5 in our series on Christian photojournalists.

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