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October (Web-only)October (Web-only)

Volume 44
October (Web-only), 2000

Displaying 1 - 20 of 76 articles.

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17 Men Charged in Murder of India Missionary
Adolescent to serve 14 years for murder of Graham Staines and his sons.

A Challenge to Faith-based Plans
Plus: Baptists form a new group, Church of the Christian Rock Video, and the Christian Coalition rises again?

A Chinese Model for India's Churches?
No thank you, say Indian Christians to Hindu proposal for government church regulation.

A Silent Celebration of Prayer
Judge upholds a minute of silence in school, Bill Bright's lung condition, and video sales to ensure the movie won't get Left Behind at the box office.

All Jesus All Dubious
Cloning Christ, doubting his diet, and stealing his supposed cross. What's next?

American Family Association Changes Sides on Religion in Schools
Plus: Jars of Clay's hymns no longer on MTV, the Clinton marriage, and other stories from the mainstream media.

Anti-hunger Ministry Founder Resigns
Food for the Poor's Mahfood steps down; admits 'unacceptable' behavior.

Attending Church by Personal PC
Plus: Teens think they know it all, 'cheap' religion, and Wall Street takes stock of a Christian company.

Britain to Embrace Faith-Based Social Programs?
Plus: Researchers convince people they've been possessed by demons, market research for the Methodist Church, and can science make room for faith?

Case of the Missing Relic
A piece of Jesus' cross is stolen from a Toronto cathedral—or is it?

Catholics Apologize to Portugal's Jews
Peace Conference in Lisbon ends with an apology, and a document denouncing 'religious' wars.

Christian Bookstores and Video Games and Web sites Oh My!
Plus: Protesting a sex fair, and other stories from media sources around the Web.

Christians Arrested After Tajik Church Bombing Freed
Three Islamic students have been detained over bombing of church in Dushanbe.

Congress Will Approve Jubilee 2000 Debt Plan
Plus: Anti-Christian violence in India, more mascot changes, and other news from around the world.

Conservative Anglicans Defy Episcopal Church
Anglican bishops from abroad launch U.S. ministry for Episcopal reform.

Crying About Wolfe
Is there a scandal of The Opening of the Evangelical Mind?

Debate Continues on Incorporating Animal Sacrifices in Worship
Some Christians warn that African rituals to honor ancestors could subvert the Gospel message.

Ebola Outbreak Leads to Suspension of Church Services
Panic and terror spread like virus as infections and deaths increase.

Ex-Gay Leader Disciplined for Gay Bar Visit
Exodus removes John Paulk as board chairman, places him on probationary status as member.

Federal Court Says Schools Can Take Religious Words Out of Graduation Ceremony
Plus: EEOC says teachers' union violates members' religious rights, Marian window gets cleaned, and when youth outreach goes bad.

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