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May (Web-only)May (Web-only)

Volume 44
May (Web-only), 2000

Displaying 1 - 20 of 77 articles.

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A Fresh Encounter with God
Anne Graham Lotz says, Just give me Jesus in five-city revival.

A Minister for Veep?
Plus: Most Colorado Springs visitors go for religious reasons, Beliefnet is in the money, and other articles from the world's media.

A Mother's Day Meditation
Billy Graham's mother examines her role as parent.

Air Force Chaplain Cleared of Discrimination Charge
Plus: Chicago Tribune's family devotion tips, and other stories on Christians and Christianity from the world's mainstream media sources.

Are Publicly Christian Politicians Probably Sleeping Around?
Plus: The ACLU's latest crusades against public religion, and America's latest sex columnist

Arrests Put Tragic Church Bombing of 1963 Back in the Headlines
Suspects maintain innocence in murder of four girls in Birmingham, Alabama blast.

Asking the Wrong Questions
The Christian History staff's field trip to see the Dead Sea Scrolls

Australian Archbishops in Public Row over Christ's Role
Head of church accused of denying significance of resurrection and Christ's uniqueness

Barna & Bailey
The Greatest Research Show on Earth?

Blasphemy Case Registered Against Young Pakistani Husband
First test of military government's new judicial curb

Britain's Battered Churches
Plus: The latest evil video game, Sinead O'Connor's religious CD, and other stories from mainstream media.

Canada Meeting Gives New Hope for Unity Between Anglicans and Catholics
Churches come closer together, but not close enough to share Eucharist.

Canadian High Court May Curb Religious Freedom
Trinity Western University denied accreditation for saying homosexuality a sin.

Cardinal John O'Connor: An Unwavering Advocate of Vatican Values
Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York dies at age 80

Catholics Baptists Methodists Remain Tops
National Council of Churches counts largest church bodies

Catholics Protestants and Orthodox Honor 20th Century Martyrs
Plus: McDonald's targets the occult, messianic Jewish group's logo challenged in Canadian court, and The Catholic League gets mad at O'Connor memorabilia on eBay.

Charles Stanley Divorces But Will Remain Pastor
Plus: Gay-ordaining American Baptist churches survive ousting vote, Christian-Druid reconciliation comes under attack, and other stories from around the world.

Chicago's Cardinal Issues Warning to Visiting Polish Priest
But measures against anti-Semitic remarks called stupidity and garbage by priest's spokesman.

China Should Improve on Religion to Gain Permanent Trade Status Commission Says
Religious liberty in Sudan and Russia also criticized.

Christian Web Site Kept Away from Jesus
Plus: Is the I Love You virus God's punishment for infidelity? And other articles from around the world about Christians and Christianity.

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