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January 10January 10

Volume 44, Issue 1
January 10, 2000

Displaying 1 - 20 of 38 articles.

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Beating the Odds
Christians in two states defeat gambling by exposing its harmful effects on the poor.

Briefs: The World

Chasing Amy
God intervened in a NOW activist's unlikely conversion

Children's Literature: Parents Push for Wizard-free Reading
Bestsellers now under fire in some classroom

Classic & Contemporary Excerpts
Your Calling

Conversations: Author Wendy Shalit Is Proud to Be Modest
Author Wendy Shalit rattles the female establishment with a hip appeal to tradition.

Costa Rica: Coffee Sales Perk Up Ministry Support
Pura Vida has donated $10,000 to missions and aid organizations

Editorial: It Takes a Village to Fight Divorce
Church and state join forces to promote marriage preparation programs.

Editorial: Why We Like Harry Potter
The series is a 'Book of Virtues' with a preadolescent funny bone.

Finance: Baptist Foundation of America Lands in Bankruptcy Court
Troubled agency, accused of lawbreaking, offers restructuring plan.

Forgive and Remember
A year after the Clinton impeachment, can we get some perspective?

Higher Education: Crumbling Family Values
Hillsdale College confronts a sexual scandal, suicide, and leader's resignation.

How God Won When Politics Failed
Learning from the abolitionists during a time of political discouragement.

In Print: Beyond Do-Goodism

In the Word: On the Receiving End
What Jesus really meant about becoming like little children.

India: Loving the Lepers
A murdered missionary's widow carries on her husband's work.


Methodists: Creech stripped of clergy credentials
United Methodist minister guilty of breaking church law at gay ceremony

New & Noteworthy: Christian Living
Recent and important releases that will shape evangelical thought

New Bibles Carry Hefty Price Tags

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