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April (Web-only)April (Web-only)

Volume 44
April (Web-only), 2000

Displaying 1 - 20 of 62 articles.

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2000 Christianity Today Book Awards
CT picks the top ten books of the past year

Adult Converts to Catholicism Up 10 Percent
Plus: First Jesus, now Elián, complain Miami pastors; Christian comics not always funny; and other religion stories from newspapers around the world.

After Eli n Cuba's Churches Will Play Leading Role in Time of Transition
Left-leaning ecumenical groups already working together.

Amassed Media: Talk About the Passion
The best online resources about the history, significance, and experience of Holy Week

Amassed Media: The Drink Debate
What Christian leaders past and present have said about social drinking—and where to find them online.

America's Battle Against the Bottle
Evangelical support of temperance is no cause for embarrassment in our intemperate society.

Bible Makes Christians Hate Jews Says Boston Globe Columnist
Plus: Catholic bishop calls for contraception, another arrest in India missionary's murder, and other religion news stories from around the world.

Christian Reviewers Praise Violence in U-571
What religious film critics are saying about what's new and popular at the cinema.

Coming Soon to a Bookshelf Near You
Christianity Today's annual book awards contain some choice history selections

Debt Cancellation a Question of 'Justice' Kenya's Anglican Archbishop Tells Japan
Tokyo skeptical toward Jubilee 2000 message

Defending Faith and Learning
Baylor University's Polanyi Center comes under fire from the university's faculty.

Despite Opposition American Lutherans Reaffirm Ecumenical Agreement
Does schism lie ahead for Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?

Dietrich's Friend Eberhard
A fellow resister of the Nazis, editor, and biographer dies half a century after his subject and companion.

Dobson Threatens Bush with Conservative Walkout if He Chooses Prochoice Running Mate
Plus: Robertson supports death penalty moratorium, evangelical chaplains sue the Navy, and other stories from around the world.

Easter en Español
Images in Procession: Testimonies of Spanish Faith can awaken us to our own spiritual rituals

Easter Sunday
Part four of The Great Reversal, a CT Classic article

Evangelicals Abstain from Zimbabwe's Interfaith Body
Christian group opposes blending of Christianity and traditional African religion.

Famous Christian Athlete at Center of Cricket Scandal
Plus: Why Robertson isn't the only conservative newcomer to death penalty opposition, British farmers stand against Eastern mysticism, and other articles from around the world.

For Many Russian Christians Bar Codes Signal Coming of the Antichrist
Russian Orthodox Church trying to calm fears, but may be making it worse

Free the Potluck! Cry Minnesotans
Also: No government lawyer for abortion case, and the Easter Bunny loses in the polls

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