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July 12July 12

Volume 43, Issue 8
July 12, 1999

Displaying 21 - 37 of 37 articles.

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Pain Relief
The Christian & Missionary Alliance apologizes to adults abused as missionary kids in Africa.

Praying for Movers and Shakers

Religious Liberty Bill's Passage Uncertain

Slave Girls Find Redemption

Southern Baptists: City-Focused Evangelism Launched

Stuck on the Road to Emmaus
The secret to why we are not fulfilled.

Editorial: The Biotech Temptation
Research on human embryos holds great promise, but at what price?

The Book Report: Karon's Agenda
The frustrated Episcopalian is not a frustrated evangelist.

The Book Report: New Song, Familiar Tune
Jan Karon's latest Mitford installment changes locales to talk about living where you're at.

The Ministry of Safe Play
Columbus, Ohio, Christians fight community decay with a friendly recreation area and Bible studies.

The Profits of Praise
The praise and worship music industry has changed the way the church sings.

The Triumph of the Praise Songs
How guitars beat out the organ in the worship wars.

Truth-Telling on Trial
Will racial reconciliation move beyond amnesty for those who admitted their errors?

Voucher Plan Draws Mixed Reviews

CT Classic: We Are What We Sing
Our classic hymns reveal evangelicalism at its best.

Wiccans Practice on U.S Bases

Yancey: Writing the Trinity
Robert Farrar Capon rightly mocks Christians who conceive of the persons of the Trinity as players on the sidelines taking turns at substitution.

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