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December 71998

Volume 42

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Clinton Names Seiple to New Post
Clinton Names Seiple to New Post

Colombia's Bleeding Church
Despite the murders of 120 church leaders, Christians are fighting for peace in one of the world's most violent nations.

Colson: Do We Love Coke More Than Justice?
Will we continue giving aid to nations that burn churches, jail pastors, torture religious believers?

Colson: Evangelicals Are Not an Interest Group
Our message is not, We put you in office, now pay up; but rather, This should be done because it is right.

Colson: Madison Avenue's Spiritual Chic
The typical television commercial is "a morality play for our time."

Colson: Poster Boy for Postmodernism
Strohmeyer told police he strangled the little girl by twisting her neck the way he had seen in movies.

Colson: The Devil in the DNA
The strategy of evolutionary psychology is to debunk traditional morality by reducing it to genetic self-interest.

Colson: The Oxford Prophet
Lewis predicted a time when those who want to remold human nature "will be armed with the powers of an omnicompetent state.

Colson: Why Fidelity Matters
If Americans truly understood what adultery does—that it leads to the disintegration of the human being—they would not dismiss it so lightly.

Comic Relief: Chocolate Theology
Primary motivators of human behavior: hunger, thirst, pain, pleasure, self-esteem, sexual desire, and chocolate.

Comic Relief: Dear John the Evangelist
What if the writer of the Fourth Gospel had to get his work published in today's market …

Comic Relief: Lulu Brimley's Last-Chance Christian Books

CoMission Expands to Africa and Asia

Congress Approves Modified Religious Persecution Bill

Congress May Merge Efforts

Congress: Curbing Religious Persecution Difficult

Conservatives Rethink Death Penalty

Conversations: Jimmy Carter's Lesson Plan

Conversations: The Good HMO
First Resort founder Shari Plunkett wondered how to reach unhappily pregnant women. Answer: Work with HMOs.

Conversations: The Politics of Patience
Retiring senator Dan Coats explains why Christians aren't getting their way in Washington.

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