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December 81997

Volume 41

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Education: Justices Void Ruling on Remedial Teachers

Egypt: Church of the Martyrs
Copts thrive in the face of bloody carnage, legal restraint, anddiscrimination.

El Nino Causes Severe Food Shortages in New Guinea
El Nino Causes Severe Food Shortages

Embarrassment's Perpetual Blush

EPA Pulls Out of NIV, World Dispute

Episcopalians: Will Episcopalians Step into the 'Radical Center?'

Ethnic Politics Suppresses Outreach

Ethnic Translators Study Hebrew at the Source

Europe: Are Minority Churches Targets for Discrimination?

Evangelicals and Catholics Together: A New Initiative
"The Gift of Salvation" A remarkable statement on what we mean by the gospel.

Evangelicals Church Marks Centennial
Evangelical Church Marks Centennial

Evangelicals Join in Inaugural Events
Evangelicals Join in Inaugural Events

Evangelicals Plead for Korean Aid
Evangelicals Plead for Korean Aid

Evangelicals: Evangelicals Aim to Extend Reach of Global Alliance

Evangelism: Graham Finds New Techniques in Trio of California Cities

Evangelism: Is Jewish-Christian a Contradiction in Terms?

Every Language, Nothing Spoken

Evolution: Debunking Darwin?
Intelligent-design' movement gathers strength.

Excavations Continue Despite Cutbacks
Excavations Continue Despite Cutbacks

Extremists Kill Coptic Christians

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