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October 7October 7

Volume 40, Issue 11
October 7, 1996

Displaying 1 - 20 of 33 articles.

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Alternative Candidates Have Conservative Appeal


Books: Christmas in the Culture Wars
A fable for our times

Books: Prayer, Prozac, and the Healing of America
Notes for a Trinitarian psychology

Books: Surprised by Zoe
Max De Pree marvels at the frailty-and wonder-of his granddaughter's life.

Books:Betraying the Reformation?
Two responses to R. C. Sproul's critical assessment of the ecumenical document "Evangelicals and Catholics Together."

Candidates Court Family Values Vote
Will evangelicals tip the scales in the presidential race?

CBS Sends Mixed Signals
CBS Sends Mixed Signals, Critics Say

Conversations: John Leo's Counterpunch Morality
Counterpunch Morality: How columnist John Leo challenges the moral assumptions of the cultured elite.

Crusades: Christians Apologize for Ancient Wrongs
Christians Retrace Crusaders' Steps

Do Photos Evidence Lost Edenic River?
Do Photos Evidence Lost Edenic River?

Editorial: The Oprahcizing of American Politics
Like everything else in our culture, the political process has been turned into a consumer commodity.

First Woman, Layperson Elected Chair
First Woman, Layperson Elected Chair

'Hell House' Kits Selling Nationally

Kuwait: Persecuted Convert Flees to America
Muslim Convert Hussein Flees Kuwait for United States

Leader Dismissed Over Book Profits
Leader Dismissed Over Book Profits

Leading Church Leaves Association
Leading Church Leaves Association


News Briefs

News Briefs

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