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Christianity TodayNovember 11November 11 1996



News Extra: Evangelical Environmentalism Comes of Age

Environmental activism constitutes the "fastest-growing form of Christian ministry," according to Fred Krueger, director of the Christian Society of the Green Cross. Here is a brief survey of leaders in evangelical environmental ministry:

The 12-year-old San Diego-based Floresta (619/298-7727) provides technical and financial assistance to help subsistence farmers plant fast-growing trees, thus contributing to reforestation, replenishing the soil, and containing water erosion. Some of the trees are harvested for wood products, fruit, and spices.

In 1995, 225 Third World families participated in Floresta's Agroforestry Revolving Loan Fund. With an operating budget of $250,000, Floresta is active in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Money comes mainly from foundations, corporations, churches, and individual donors.

The Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) (610/645-9392) started in 1993 and has become the major source of networking among evangelicals and Christian organizations committed to creation care. Supported by foundations, churches, and individuals, the een operates on a $200,000 annual budget from the Philadelphia offices of Evangelicals for Social Action.

EEN has provided an "Evangelical Kit for Caring for Creation" to more than 1,000 churches. The kit contains a wide variety of worship resources—ranging from suggested children's activities to a booklet on sermon writing.

The Christian Environmental Council (CEC) operates under the auspices of EEN and holds an annual conference to plan and to pray for the advancement of creation care. The CEC's Advocacy Committee constitutes the political arm of the evangelical environmental movement. Consisting of attorneys, ministers, and others, it studies various issues before ...

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