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April 29April 29

Volume 40, Issue 5
April 29, 1996

Displaying 1 - 20 of 30 articles.

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1996 Christianity Today Book Awards

Anglican Province Created

ARTICLE: Politics and Religion Do Mix

ARTICLE: Rehearsing Forgiveness

ARTICLE: Saint John Wayne and the Dragon

ARTICLE: The Case for Christian Kitsch

ARTICLE: The Jesus Seminar Unmasked

ARTICLE: Why Volunteers Won't Save America

CHARLES COLSON: Christian v. America

CIA Use of Missionaries Revisited

Deposed Bishop Invents Online Diocese

EDITORIAL: Confessions of an Editor

EDITORIAL: Our Extended, Persecuted Family

Flash Cards from Heaven

Graham Reaches Largest Television Audience

Graham Son Subs for Dad Down Under

Jury Still Out on Homosexual Ordination

LETTERS: Jesus is the truth

Muslim-Christian Conflicts May Destabilize East Africa


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