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Issue 30
Women in the Medieval Church

Issue 30

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Women in the Medieval Church: Did You Know?

Women in the Medieval Church: From the Editor - In the Middle (Ages) of a Debate

Catherine of Siena
She lived only 33 years, but her vibrant faith and writings were so influential she has been declared a Doctor of the Church.

The Black Death
Catherine of Siena lived—and helped others—during the most devastating plague in human history.

Five Religious Options for Medieval Women
In the High Middle Ages, Christian women found many ways to live a holy life.

Terms of the Religious Life

Life in a Medieval Village
From birth to death, a peasant woman's difficult life intersected the church.

Inside the Convent
How did convents arise? Why did so many medieval women enter them?

A Skeptic Inside the Nunnery
Spiritual vitality—and tensions—within a twelfth-century priory.

Women in the Medieval Church: A Gallery of Christian Women Writers of the Medieval World

Joan of Arc
The courageous and controversial teenager who saved her country

Women in the Medieval Church: The Christian History Timeline

Heloise and Abelard's Tumultuous Affair
She became an acclaimed abbess; he was one of the greatest philosophers of the medieval world. Yet their fabled love deeply damaged them both.

The Mystics
Why did mysticism flower in the medieval world—and why did women often lead in it?

Voices of the Mystics

Writings from Women in the Medieval Church
Brief selections from four key books

Women in the Medieval Church: Recommended Resources

The Faith Behind the Famous: Isaac Newton
He has been called "the greatest scientific genius the world has known." Yet he spent less time on science than on theology.

Newton's Views on Science and Faith

Significant Events in the Life of Isaac Newton

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