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Issue 21

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Issue 24

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A Chimaera of His Age
A Man of Peace and the Church Militant

A Friend in the Lord Protector
Oliver Cromwell and the Effort to Save the Waldensians

Apostles on Horseback
Francis Asbury & the Methodist Circuit Riders—Covering America with Spiritual Awakening

Freedom in Pennsylvania

Bernard Lives Today
Cistercians around the world continue to live the monastic life of which Bernard of Clairvaux was the propagator and theologian.

From Mountain Ghetto to Missionary Diaspora
Waldensians and the Modern Era

The Hard Journey to America

The Return of the Spirit: The Second Great Awakening
In the West

Bernard of Clairvaux: Recommended Resources

Felix Neff
Apostle of Alpine Awakening

From the Archives: Christian Self-Surrender

Peter Cartwright

Charles Grandison Finney & the Second Phase of the Second Great Awakening

From Snow-Covered Peaks to Tropical Forests
Waldensians in Uruguay and Argentina

From the Archives: On the Prayer of Faith

Asahel Nettleton

From the Archives: Christian Patience and Humility
A Letter to a Mother and Her Children

To A Home in the Land of the Free
The Waldensians in North America

Caspar Schwenckfeld von Ossig: Christian History Timeline
Significant years and happenings in the life of Schwenckfeld and the Schwenckfelders

From the Archives: A Letter From the Poor Lombards to the Poor of Lyons Who Are in Germany (1218)
This letter was sent from Lombardy to Lyons to express the outcome of an early meeting, which was held in Bergamo, Italy, between members of two separate Waldensian groups. Though the two groups differed in their approaches to the life of The Poor, the outcome of the meeting was a "new sense of unity."* [* Some descriptions used in these Archives are derived from those given in the text of Giorgio Tourn's You Are My Witnesses. These documents are taken from Tourn's book.]

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