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Issue 23
Spiritual Awakenings in North America

Issue 23

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Spiritual Awakenings in North America: From the Publisher

Spiritual Awakenings in North America: Did You Know?

Awakenings in America: Seasons of the Spirit
Spiritual awakenings have brought lasting benefits to the Church and the surrounding culture. Have we forgotten our great heritage of renewals?

Patterns of Spiritual Renewal

A Dawning in the New World
Origins of American Awakenings in New England & the Middle Colonies

God's Wonderful Working
The first Great Awakening in New England & the Middle Colonies

Jonathan Edwards

George Whitefield

In the Wake of the Great Awakening
The Awakening not only brought spiritual renewal to God's people, and new conversions, but salt and light to the society around.

Spiritual Awakenings in North America: Christian History Timeline
An Overview of 180 Years

Apostles on Horseback
Francis Asbury & the Methodist Circuit Riders—Covering America with Spiritual Awakening

The Return of the Spirit: The Second Great Awakening
In the West

Peter Cartwright

Charles Grandison Finney & the Second Phase of the Second Great Awakening

Asahel Nettleton

In the Wake of the Second Great Awakening

The Time for Prayer: The Third Great Awakening
During the Third Great Awakening of 1857 to 1859, 10,000 people in New York City alone gathered together daily—even left work—to pray. The same thing was taking place all over the country, in small towns as well as in great cities.

In the Wake of the Third Great Awakening

Sleepers Awake

Praying Boldly
Concluding thoughts on our great need to pray

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