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Issue 19
Money in Christian History, Part II

Issue 19

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Money in Christian History (II): From the Publisher

The Tribute Money by Masaccio

Famous Quotes from Famous People

The Urge for Poverty
Christian Asceticism from the Early Church Through the Reformation

The Monastic Life: Benedict of Nursia

That Which God Hath Lent Thee
The Puritans and Money

The Puritan Critique of Modern Attitudes Toward Money
Puritans are often charged with having been the origin of modern attitudes toward money. Upon scrutiny, the things ascribed to Puritans turn out to be secularized versions of something that the Puritans only accepted in a context of supreme allegiance to God and obedience to Christian moral standards.

Money in Christian History (II): A Gallery of Good Examples Not to Follow
This issue's Gallery could more aptly be called the Christian History Rogues Gallery. These unhappy tales from the past present good examples not to follow.

Money in Christian History (II): Christian History Timeline - Dates and Events Regarding Money

Four Lessons on Money
From One of the World's Richest Preachers

Bread and Silver

Old-Fashioned Wisdom from John Ploughman
This eloquent Baptist preacher of Victorian England was also loved for his earthy wisdom. Our text and engraving are taken from his popular writings John Ploughman's Talk and John Ploughman's Pictures. The homespun sage had much to say that, in his words, "would not suit well the pulpit or the Sabbath."

The Benevolent Tradition: The Charity of Women
Through sacrifice, mercy, and charity, women down through church history may have given us our greatest examples of love demonstrated and proven through selfless giving and service to others.

We're Sorry Gladys…But God Can't Use You in China

Businessman's Religion
Philanthropy &Piety in Early 20th Century Chicago

From the Archives: Desiderius Erasmus
The Despising of Riches (c 1488) Based on the translation by Thomas Paynells, as it appeared in the Bethelet edition of 1533.

From the Archives: Menno Simons
True and False Leaders(1539)

From the Archives: John Woolman
A Plea for the Poor (1793)

From the Archives: Robert L. Dabney
Principles of Christian Economy

From the Archives: Andrew Carnegie
The Gospel of Wealth (1900)

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