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Issue 2

Issue 3

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From the Archives: Why Wycliffe Translated the Bible Into English

John Wesley and the Eighteenth Century World: Christian History Timeline
One hundred years of turmoil, change, and innovation that laid a foundation for our own day.

Bible Translation Since John Wycliffe

Wesley's Sermon Reprints: The Use of Money
Luke 16:9

John Wesley and Women

Recommended Resources: John Wycliffe


The Parson
Reprinted from Adventures in English Literature by R.B. Inglis and Dr. J. Spear; Harcourt, Brace and Company, Inc., Copyright 1958.

Wesley to Wilberforce
John WesIey's last letter from his deathbed

John Wesley: From the Journal

Fruits of Breaking Wesley's Code

A Whimsical Epitaph
Taken from "Tales of a Wesleyana Collector" by Frederick F. Maser

A Joyful Sound

John Wesley: Recommended Resources

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