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Christian History & Biography
Engaging, accurate, and insightful historical archive of the people and events that have carried the message of Christ throughout the world, and throughout history. 1982 to 2008.

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Issue 99
Faith & the American Presidency

Issue 98
Christianity in China

Issue 97
The Holy Land

Issue 96
The Gnostic Hunger for Secret Knowledge

Issue 95
The Gospel According to J.S. Bach

Issue 94
Building the City of God in a Crumbling World

Issue 93
St. Benedict & Western Monasticism

Issue 92
America’s 20th Century Evangelical Awakening

Issue 91
Michelangelo: Art for Faith’s Sake

Issue 90
Adoniram & Ann Judson: American Mission Pioneers

Issue 89
Richard Baxter & the English Puritans

Issue 88
C. S. Lewis: Pointing People to Reality

Issue 87
Christianity in India: A Faith of Many Colors

Issue 86
George MacDonald: Writer Who Inspired C.S. Lewis

Issue 85
The Council of Nicaea: Debating Jesus’ Divinity

Issue 84
Pilgrims & Exiles: Amish, Mennonites, & Brethren

Issue 83
Mary in the Imagination of the Church

Issue 82
Phoebe Palmer: Mother of the Holiness Movement

Issue 81
John Newton: Author of “Amazing Grace”

Issue 80
The First Bible Teachers

Issue 79
African Apostles: Black Evangelists in Africa

Issue 78
J.R.R. Tolkien & Lord of the Rings

Issue 77
Jonathon Edwards: Puritan Pastor & Theologian

Issue 76
The Christian Face of the Scientific Revolution

Issue 75
G.K. Chesterton: Prolific Writer & Apologist

Issue 74
Christians & Muslims

Issue 73
Thomas Aquinas: Greatest Medieval Theologian

Issue 72
How We Got Our History

Issue 71
The French Huguenots and the Wars of Religion

Issue 70
Dante's Guide to Heaven and Hell

Issue 69
The Wesleys: Founders of Methodism

Issue 68
Jan Hus: Incendiary Preacher of Prague

Issue 67
St. Augustine: Sinner, Bishop, Saint

Issue 66
How the West was Really Won

Issue 65
Ten Influential Christians of the 20th Century

Issue 64
Anthony & the Desert Fathers: Extreme Faith

Issue 63
How the Vikings Took up the Faith

Issue 62
Bound for Canaan: Africans in America

Issue 61
A History of the Second Coming

Issue 60
How the Irish Were Saved

Issue 59
Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth

Issue 58
The Rise of Pentecostalism

Issue 57
Converting the Empire: Early Church Evangelism

Issue 56
David Livingstone: Missionary-explorer in Africa

Issue 55
The Monkey Trial & the Rise of Fundamentalism

Issue 54
Eastern Orthodoxy

Issue 53
William Wilberforce: Fighting the Slave Trade

Issue 52
Hudson Taylor & Missions to China

Issue 51
Heresy in the Early Church

Issue 50
Christianity & the American Revolution

Issue 49
Everyday Faith in the Middle Ages

Issue 48
Thomas Cranmer & the English Reformation

Issue 47
The Apostle Paul & His Times

Issue 46
John Knox & the Scottish Reformation

Issue 45
Camp Meetings & Circuit Riders: Frontier Revivals

Issue 44
John Chrysostom: Legendary Early Church Preacher

Issue 43
How We Got Our Bible, Canon to King James

Issue 42
St. Francis of Assisi

Issue 41
The American Puritans

Issue 40
The Crusades

Issue 39
Martin Luther: The Later Years

Issue 38
George Whitefield: 17th c. Preacher & Revivalist

Issue 37
Worship in the Early Church

Issue 36
William Carey: 19th c. Missionary to India

Issue 35
Columbus & Christianity in the Americas

Issue 34
Martin Luther: The Reformer’s Early Years

Issue 33
Christianity & the Civil War

Issue 32
Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Theologian in Nazi Germany

Issue 31
Golden Age of Hymns

Issue 30
Women in the Medieval Church

Issue 29
Charles Spurgeon: England's “Prince of Preachers”

Issue 28
100 Most Important Events in Church History

Issue 27
Persecution in the Early Church

Issue 26
William & Catherine Booth: Salvation Army Founders

Issue 25
Dwight L. Moody: 19th c. Evangelist

Issue 24
Bernard of Clairvaux, Medieval Reformer and Mystic

Issue 23
Spiritual Awakenings in North America

Issue 22
Waldensians: Medieval “Evangelicals”

Issue 21
Casper Schwenckfeld: Forgotten Reformer

Issue 20
Charles Finney: American Revivalism

Issue 19
Money in Christian History, Part II

Issue 18
How Christianity Came To Russia

Issue 17
Women in the Early Church

Issue 16
William Tyndale: Early Reformer & Bible Translator

Issue 15
St. Augustine of Hippo

Issue 14
Money in Christian History

Issue 13
Jan Amos Comenius: Father of Modern Education

Issue 12
John Calvin: Reformer, Pastor, Theologian

Issue 11
John Bunyan & Pilgrim's Progress

Issue 10
Pietism: The Inner Experience of Faith

Issue 9
Heritage of Freedom: Dissenters, Reformers, & Pioneers

Issue 8
Jonathan Edwards & the Great Awakening

Issue 7
C. S. Lewis: His Life, Thought, & Theology

Issue 6
The Baptists

Issue 5
Radical Reformation: The Anabaptists

Issue 4
Zwingli: Father of the Swiss Reformation

Issue 3
John Wycliffe: Bible Translator

Issue 2
John Wesley: Leader of the Methodist Movement

Issue 1
Zinzendorf & the Moravians


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