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Volume 8, Issue 5
September/October, 2002

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Dancing with Ghosts
Wasicu at Chankpe Opi (a white man at Wounded Knee

Force of Habit
Hostility and condescension toward religion in the university

In Praise of Paraphrase

In Sickness and in Health
The past and future of Christian Science


Many Bibles, One Scripture: The Gift of Translation
The gift of translation

On Foot
The virtues of walking

Stranger in a Strange Land
Seven Years of Culture

The 19th Floor
Where did the ideas that shape our world begin?

The English Standard Version

The Enigma of Anger
Reflections on a sometimes deadly sin

The Groves of Academe
The Beginning of Wisdom

The Message

The Peppered Myth
Of moths and men: An evolutionary tale

The Shaming of Lech Walesa
Why the defeater of communism finds himself defeated by ex-communists—and why he and the American public haven't noticed.

The Virtues of Resistance
Computer Control, part 3

Today's New International Version

Try to Praise the Mutilated World
A conversation with poet Adam Zagajewski

When Tulsa Burned
A forgotten episode in American terrorism

Why Separation of Church and State Is Still a Good Idea
even if it may not be what the Founders had in mind

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