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Volume 4, Issue 5
September/October, 1998

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American Girls As We Want Them to Be
Girls' stuff, kiddie lit, and U.S. history.

Bonhoeffer: Factual Fictions



His Majesty's Sacred Service
Susan Howatch weaves a tangled spiritual web for her Anglican clerics.

In Brief


Quantum Metaphysics

Questioning Progress

Stranger in a Strange Land

Susan Howatch's Second Journey page 27

The Anatomy of a Lie

The Antidote to Reality TV
A farm couple's life makes for genuine hard copy.

The Design Debate
Does "chance" rule out God? Does near-impossibility require him?

The Forgotten Christians of Lebanon
Once free and equal, Lebanon's Christians now struggle against tremendous odds in a country dominated by Syrian politics and an increasingly Islamized culture.

The Myth of Islamic Tolerance
Muslim "protection" of Christians and Jews has actually been oppression, says scholar Bat Ye'or.

The Puzzle of John Brown

The Saxophonist Who Would Be a Saint

Truth Is Not Known Unless It Is Loved
How Pavel Florensky restored what Ockham stole.

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