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re:generation QuarterlyAre We Winning Yet?
Spring 1999



While Pinnick Seeks Answers…

Mark Joseph's article [4.4] reflected the Doug Pinnick I've come to know since interviewing him in 1994. Ever since the Dogman album, Doug has been nothing if not honest. When I saw that he had publicly outed himself, my first thought was, "Oh no, this could be disastrous." Worrying about the fickle nature of the Christian public, not to mention the unfortunate tendency of some Christians to shoot their wounded, I was fearful that many Christian King's X fans would turn on Doug in an outpouring of disappointment and condemnation.

In fact, King's X's Christian distributor did drop the band after reading the article in which Pinnick detailed his struggles with homosexuality. Bill Conine, president of Diamante Music Group, said that after confirming the article's authenticity with the band's label, Metal Blade, Diamante felt it could not continue distributing King's X's music since Pinnick forsakes a lifestyle of abstinence, a position incompatible with the lifestyle Diamante's buyers believe in.

But Conine registers no delight, much less condemnation, in his decision. Nor do the reactions of Doug's fans in the Christian arena. Of more than 100 posts on the Internet newsgroup, the majority registered a tone of sorrow mixed with concern for Doug's welfare.

Some posts sported the expected tabloid headlines, such as the one that got things rolling: "Doug Pinnick is gay!!!! Read it!!!" But the majority shared the tone of this fan: "If you people are going to post about whose gay and who's not, you'd better post who drinks too much and who doesn't, who has had sex outside of marriage and who hasn't, and which people haven't been reading their Bible enough. Sex is a more interesting sin, I guess, so it gets posted." ...

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